Wonderful Staircase - stairs and furniture repair and restoration
Wonderful Staircase - stairs and furniture repair and restoration

Victorian/Edwardian staircase restoration by Creative Coatings

Whatever the age of your staircase project, a comprehensive knowledge of how your was staircase was built is essential. To restore a staircase correctly means reversing its original construction, so finding the right person to restore your staircase is the most important decision.

A staircase reconstruction project carried out  properly means you can be assured it won’t creak and move, so you need to choose someone with a comprehensive understanding of traditional staircase construction techniques.

Hiring someone without that knowledge means your staircase reconstruction project could end in disappointment for you and your family. Done incorrectly it can actually be very dangerous, especially on the higher floors. It always pays to do the job properly.

Creative Coatings has that knowledge and does the job properly.

Creative Coatings can not only repair or fully restore the staircase’s structure, but also completely strip and repolish the finish. Spindles and fittings are duplicated precisely to match with finishing done using traditional methods of French polishing or using hard-wearing lacquer and paint finishes as appropriate.

A beautiful, safe and secure staircase is only ever possible using the very best techniques and materials. That’s why we use them at Creative Coatings. Call us today on 07939 402 680 for a consultation.